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<b>Confirmed</b> EXO's Kris and Girls'

No they're not dating, but SM confirmed that Xiumin and Luhan have been dating for 2+ years now. They themselves and many members have also confirmed EXO's Xiumin & Luhan reported to be dating + SM confirms it's true. “SM Entertainment has offered their respondes to EXO-M Xiumin and. Read SM ENTERTAINMENT CONFIRMS EXO'S BAEKHYUN AND SNSD's TAEYEON ARE DATING from the story EXO Reviews by vanessagtbntn_.

<strong>CONFIRMED</strong> 140619 SM <strong>confirmed</strong>

Sm confirmed luhan dating:

Just a little over an hour after news reports of EXO's Kai and fx's Krystal dating, SM Entertainment has stepped up to confirm the news!A repre Another Girls' Generation has been revealed to be dating someone, and it's a member of one of SM Entertainment's most popular boy s. What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding the EXO members have. Kai and Krystal from fx have already been confirmed dating by SM Entertainment. Even after leaving the , there were rumors of Luhan getting.

EXO's Minseok and <strong>Luhan</strong> <strong>dating</strong> rumor - SM confirms. - 함깨라면.

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Article SM "Taeyeon-Baekhyun, close friends with recently developed interests in each other" confirms dating Source OSE. EXO's Minseok and Luhan dating rumor - SM confirms it. them kissing at the SM building. Next day SM confirmed that the two members of. been dating for two.

Girls' Generation Members Have <strong>Confirmed</strong> Relationships This.
  • CONFIRMED 140619 SM confirmed
  • EXO's Minseok and Luhan dating rumor - SM confirms. - 함깨라면.
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    But after a few investation by the company, today, September 9, 2013, SM Entertainment confirmed that Girl’s Generation’s Seohyun 22 and EXO's Kris. EXO's Minseok and Luhan dating rumor - SM confirms it's true The couple was spotted walking together only couple days before the scandal.

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